• Mixing one song, 48 or fewer tracks, 7 minutes or less, will cost £500 (incl VAT) / US$650*

• Mixing one group of songs (an album, let's say) meeting the above criteria, 10 - 14 songs will cost £4000 (incl VAT) / US$5000*

with each song beyond the 14th at £350 (incl VAT) / US$450*

• Mastering 1 - 6 songs will cost £250 (incl VAT) / US$330

• Mastering 7 or more songs will be an additional £50 (incl VAT) / US$65 per song.

*see number 11 below


How do I upload and download the files?

We're currently using Dropbox. It keeps our overhead costs down (and your price nice and low!), is very secure, and is so easy. If you're not already a Dropbox member and you are sending us multiple files, we recommend signing up for Dropbox. It's very cool.



Will the song be mixed "in the box"?

No, not unless you'd prefer that. The song will be mixed though our all analogue, all valve, 64 input VTC console.


Can the song be transferred to, mixed from, or mixed onto tape?

This service isn't available via the online mixing service. It is available via normal studio bookings at an additional fee.


Will you be using any vintage or cool stuff on my song?

Indeed! Depending upon what's available at the time of your booking, we have a lot of 50s, 60s, and 70s valve gear (Urei, Valley People, Siemens, Telefunken, Neumann, Pultec, Ampex, Philips, to name a few) and if it will make your mix better, we're happy to use it! We also have a cool chamber we like to use on mixes that's usually available.


What format do my mixes need to be?

Please see the page "MIXING" for all that information.


What about for mastering?

… then check out the page "MASTERING"


What do you mean by "quasi-mastered"?

That means you get a reference copy that's commercial-level-loudness, gently limited (compressed), that you can listen to or release as-is if you like.


Who will mix my song?

Almost always, it will be Charles Chicky Reeves (see the Wikipedia article about him if you want to know who he is and know more about his 20+ years of experience). If it's anyone else, we will let you know well in advance, before work has even commenced. Rest assured, though, it will probably be him. 


That's great, but I want to hear some results first!

No problem! Send us your email address and we'll send you a Dropbox link with several different songs of different styles to give you an idea of our work.


When can I expect to have a finished mix in my hands?

We promise a 3 business day turn-around for your first version. We complete subsequent revisions within 2 days. If you need the song back sooner, please email us and let us know.


What if my mixing or mastering requirements fall outside of the criteria you've listed?

Email us and we'll work out a price that works for both of us!


How do I pay?

We accept PayPal, verifiable bank deposits/transfers, and all major credit cards. If you'd like to pay by cheque, we require cleared funds before releasing any material. 


Why is online mixing more affordable than attended sessions?

Two main reasons:

1) attended sessions can only be during prime hours, whereas unattended session can be done during any downtime at a steep discount.

2) attended sessions also tend to take up more time, e.g. artists can be conversational, small changes need to be previewed multiple times, etc.


What will you be doing to the mix, and can I find out more?

We'll be making it sound fantastic AND, if you like, we'll tell you what we did in case it helps you with your own mixes in the future.


Do you teach mixing and/or mastering?

We do, indeed! Contact us for more information about our one-on-one tutorial sessions.

What if I have more questions?

Write us any time and we will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible.


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