So it all goes smoothly, there are a few things we ask of you. If you have any questions about these, please email us.


Before you upload your song, please verify the following list:

• Files should be "ready to master," meaning edits and fades are the way you like them. Let us know if you feel you will need some editing or fading work done, and we will let you know if it can be done in the time and budget allocated for mixing.

• Please include thorough notes about your preferences for the resulting master: anything you want featured, anything you want minimised, any ideas you have about the shape of the final master, etc. You can also provide us with a commercially released reference (for general sound purposes) and/or you can upload a rough mix if you think it will help convey the idea.

• Please make sure your files aren't clipping, as we can't remove distortion from your songs in a timely manner. If you specifically require distortion removal, email us and let's discuss the possibilities! 

• Stereo files, clearly named. Many programmes offer to "normalise" after bouncing or consolidating… please send us the un-normalized file.

• Files are 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96kHz sample rates 

• Files are 16, 24 or 32 bit resolution


The basic info you need for a great master:

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